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I got tagged by  :iconthatpartwhereiart:! Feels like the old days back when DeviantArt had a decent logo! :D Soooo here it goes:

1. Who is your best friend on dA?
Hmmm haha good question... I had a lot of people I interacted with a lot 4-5 years ago but since I visit here so sparsely idk anymore??? /shame/ Most likely probably :iconshabby-girl: and as for most correspondence lately  :iconthatpartwhereiart: on DA. As in for people I know irl... probably :iconjestandavie: so sorry for not talkign to people omggas ;sdaj you are all too lovely okay

2. What is your favourite colour?
Blue but especially Teal!! :D

3. Your age? (not exactly just like around 10, 15, 20,...)
18 yah Im old

4. Your eye colour?
Boring brown two bottomless pits of darkness swallowing up all light XD

5. The first anime you ever watched?
Does My Neighbor Totoro count??  I think as in following an anime series specifically probably Hetalia, but I'm usually more of a manga person  

6. Favourite book?
HMMMM YOU DRIvE A HARD QUESTION DONTCHA! Probably either Fly by Night by Frances Hardinge (*swoon*) or The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay by Michael Chabon. SO in love with the language and stories of both of them...

7. If you would be suspended from school, how would you react?
Lol Probably really freaked out like anyone else because I'd probably be super clueless and scared about why and how

8. A morning person?
AHAAHAH (I try tho)

9. Your favourite fanfiction (with link ;) (Wink))
HMMMM I don't usually read a whole lot of fanfics (I get waaay too amused by just reading the summaries lol) But I really really enjoyed "Find a Temple, Build a Temple" by eggjam (Homestuck lol) because it's so beautifully written and since it's an AU it works really well as a standalone story for those not immersed in the fandom :)

10. Favourite subject in school?
Right now?? Hm I really like my Historical Kidlit Fiction class!! (that's what I call it anyway) We read Island of the Blue Dolphins and discussed it in the context of greater Californian/Native American history and it was just like 4th grade except interesting and more detailed

Now, choose one of your OCs....

OC questions:

11. Your name?
Serafima Petrova
12. Are you single?
Yes. (She's ace/aro lol)
13. Do you like your creator (yes, you dear deviant xD)
*looks around suspiciously trying to catch a glimpse of said "creator"* I'm not religious I don't know what you're talking about

14. Have any other OC friends?
At first I was too busy but recently some people have been getting more friendly. There's also this ghost...actually nevermind 

15. What do you really hate?
The Bourgeoisie (hahaha couldn't think of anything actually need to work on that! so stock answer)

Back to your questions, dear deviant:

16. Do you like answering these questions?
17. Are you gonna tag somebody else?
18. Even 10 persons?
19. How many watchers/friends do you have?
20. Your first deviation (with link)

Oh my gulai it's not even a drawing it's a gawdawful poem #7thgrade
something in the riverthere is something in the water
dont go down to the riverbank
where many terrors lie in wait
there where the reeds grow dark and dank
where many a maiden innocent
fell prey to the water's allure
of mystery and excitement
and now for them there is no cure
who knows what lies beyond the fen
a serpent, pray, who hungers still?
who dwells in a deep quicksand pit
who's always on the watch to kill?
o who shall ever rescue us
in honor of all those dear lives
who got entangled in the pit
of where the hidden monster thrives?
but yet they say before this age
is over, there shall be one so
who'll rise to slay the secret beast
and leave its carcass in the snow
then we shall burn it so there may
be nothing left of that fell soul
but ash scattered amongst the grass
that grows so green upon the knoll
then for a time the water shall
be pure to drink and wash and bathe
with darkness gone the sun will pierce
the reeds and they'll grow green as sage
but of the offspring of the worm?
should we not give th

Haha you guys don't have to do this but I'll tag u:

:iconjestandavie: :iconcathyrox: :iconshabby-girl: :iconaire73: :icon7hot-feanorians: :iconzakeno:

(I can't think of anyone else I really know who's still active anymore :0 )
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Taylor Leong
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
I love comics (making and reading them), books, mythology, and history.
Tumblr: Tomatobird (general), tomatobird-fanart (fan art)
FanFiction: Chorsah

Influencial artists on DA:
:icongold-seven: :iconblueludebar: :iconphobs: :icontarantellino: :iconjestandavie: :iconhetaliasse: :iconfox-orian: :iconvivalalixi: :iconyuumei: :iconfatelikesteal: :iconquinnecl: :iconalicexz:... and so many more.

Influencial Artists not on DA:
Ben Caldwell, Naoki Urasawa, Osamu Tezuka, Several people at school, Delacroix, Sanjay Patel (<i<>Ramayana: Divine Loophole) many others

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I was like...whoa-whoa...who is this tomato-bird person? And then I saw that you changed your name. Why?
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haha (btw sorry for late response!)...because no one could remember or pronounce "chorsahgryphon" and most of my online accounts (my tumblr, etc) are "tomato-bird." And also since a nice classmate was kind enough to donate enough points to me to get a preemie account for the name change too!
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That seems like as good an excuse as any.

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Sorry for rambling, but it's so nice to see someone who liked Hetalia and Naoki Urasawa's works at the same time! I thought I'm the only one who likes both of them!
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